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Since our inception in October, 1999, hundreds of public and private schools, colleges, and universities have linked to our Academy and Library pages to give their students an outstanding collection of free, Internet based, reference materials and study aids.  We have been very flattered by this acceptance by the academic community, and we continue to strive to make our site easy to use, but as comprehensive as possible.

The concept of Wellington Square began as a solution to the frustration and amount of time that is wasted by Internet surfers using search engines, as they sift through thousands of search engine "hits" trying to find a site that is remotely close to what they are looking for.  Our Academy and Library pages offer a very simple user interface to solve this problem -- an electronic version of walking into a "bricks and mortar" library, looking around at the various sections of available material, and then choosing specific items.  We have already found the items that most of our visitors will be interested in viewing, and we have arranged them in logical, easy to read groupings. 

We want to continue to expand the community of users for Wellington Square, and we invite you to provide a link to us on your site.  There is no charge for this, as long as your site is not pornographic or hate-related, and visitors to your site do not have to register or pay a fee.  If you do link to us, please send us an e-mail and let us know -- we're always interested in knowing who our fans are.

We also invite you to link to our e-commerce pages, or to our Internet mall directory.  These pages support our website, and make our Academy and Library pages possible. 

If you would like for us to reciprocate with a link to your site, please e-mail us with your site details.  We must limit the number of reciprocal links that we exchange, and we will only be able to feature high quality, high traffic sites.

Finally, please note that our entire site is protected by United States and international copyright laws, and pages, parts of pages, layouts, artwork, themes, etc. may not be copied or reproduced without our approval.



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