Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses have become popular as individuals who spend hours each day in front of a computer screen attempt to minimize potential eye strain or negative effects of light from their computer monitors. Individuals who champion blue light blocking glasses claim they have the following benefits: (a) Blue light blocking glasses can reduce eye strain from the hours of light produced by computer monitors, and (b) Excessive blue light can alter sleep patterns, and blue light blocking glasses filter out the harmful blue light, enabling people to have more restful, normal sleep.

We are neutral on this issue -- i.e., we have no data to "prove" this issue, but we do realize that many individuals who are active computer users prefer blue light blocking glasses to normal glasses, so we are including this category in our shopping directory.

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Blue Light Blocking Lenses at

Shop for blue light blocking lenses at Buy new frames and lenses, or send them your frames and they will install new blue light blocking lenses in them.

Blue Light Blockers from Zenni Optical

Find your next pair of blue light blocking glasses at Zenni! They have a great selection and excellent pricing. We've been buying our glasses from Zenni for more than 15 years, and we think you'll be sold on them once you try them!

Blue Light Gaming Glasses at Glassy

Shop for blue light blocking gaming glasses at a site run by gamers! They feature prescription and non-prescription blue light gaming glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses at Proof Eyewear

Blue light blocking glasses and lenses are available at Proof Eyewear. And you have your choice of acetate or wood (that's right, wood!) frames for your blue light blocking glasses. As seen on Shark Tank!